Officer Jorecca Dinnall

Please tell this officer’s story of how they saved a life or showed exemplary service in the field.

Pillar of the Community - Officer Jorecca Dinnall is a gem. She is a person of exceptional character and poise. She has a unique background that makes her highly suited to interact with youth. Her current assignment is the School Resource Officer for the Hendersonville High School in Hendersonville, NC.

In September 2020, Ofc. Dinnall, who was not working, was alerted to a student who was having a mental health crisis and was destroying property. Officers had already diverted the juvenile and taken him to the hospital. Unfortunately, Officers were unable to make contact with the juveniles family. Doctors needed the juvenile transported to another, more suited, facility for continued treatment. However, the juvenile refused to ride with anyone except Ofc. Dinnall.
Ofc. Dinnall drove, in her personal car, from South Carolina (where she lives), to help the student. She drove him to the new facility and spent several hours with him until his family was contacted and able to arrive. She remained in contact with the family after he was admitted making sure he received the mental health treatment he needed to get better.
She went far and above what is expected of any Officer in helping someone else. Her dedication to helping others is exceptional and a bright example for others to follow. She embodies exactly the sort of policing that is needed in this country. Others should learn from her example and follow her lead.

Why should this officer receive the RISE Officer award?

Officer Dinnall comes from a broken home. She spent much of her childhood at the Hendersonville Boys and Girls Club; where she volunteers much of her time today. She is new to law enforcement having spent several years working in the fast-food industry. She is compassionate and empathetic to people struggling with the complications of life. She is easy going and mild mannered. In fact, I receive more positive comments about her from the public than most of her peers combined. She is highly regarded as an SRO and the students and teachers love her at the school.
For her actions, she was one of 154 nominations for the city employee MVP of the Year. She was ultimately selected as the MVP of the Year for the entire city. Moreover, she was recently recognized as the 2020 SRO of the Year for the entire state of North Carolina. I can think of no one more deserving of these recognitions and the 2021 Rise Award.