Officers rescue two people after vehicle plunges into ravine.

Please tell this officer’s story of how they saved a life or showed exemplary service in the field. Including why this officer should receive a RISE Award.

On 11/26/2022 Officers Peralta, Muhlenberg, and Schmidt were conducting traffic control in the area of N. Virginia St./Talus Wy. in Reno, NV, for an unrelated fatal traffic accident. At about 0546 hours a vehicle drove through the traffic control point, narrowly missing the officers. The driver was traveling eastbound on Talus and his vehicle was described as traveling about 30-40 mph. The driver drove off the road to the east of N. Virginia St., and came to rest on its rooftop about 30 feet down the embankment in a body of water.

Officers Peralta, Muhlenberg, and Schmidt, rushed to the vehicle to check on the occupants. As they assessed the situation they could see Anthony's vehicle was quickly filling with water. Officers Peralta and Schmidt formulated a plan and worked together to get the doors of the vehicle open. Once inside the vehicle they found the driver was unresponsive and his passenger was trying to hold his head out of the frigid water. Officer Muhlenberg and the other officers were able to get the driver free and drag him from the vehicle. Once free from the vehicle they started providing aid until medical personnel arrived. The passenger was removed from the vehicle and was carried up the embankment by Officer Schmidt due to injuries to his legs.

From viewing the body worn cameras of the officers involved it is clear the driver and passenger were in life threatening danger. The quick and decisive actions by the officers on scene resulted in them having only minor injuries.