Officers and Bystanders Work Together to Save Man Trapped Under Car

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Officers were attempting to catch up to a suspect who was fleeing in a stolen vehicle. In trying to avoid capture, the suspect bailed from the moving stolen vehicle and ran away from the car. Officers engaged in a foot chase an eventually caught the suspect.

The rolling stolen vehicle continued moving forward and eventually ran over a person who was standing nearby. The vehicle rolled on top of the person and his bike, causing the person to be pinned underneath the tire.

As Cpl. Rodriguez assessed the situation, he realized he and the other couple of officers on scene could not free the man from under the car. He could hear the man gasping for air and losing consciousness. He believed the man was going to die.

He quickly called for bystanders in the area and commanded the group of officers and bystanders to begin lifting the car. The first attempt failed, however Cpl. Rodriguez encouraged the group to lift again on his countdown. The group lifted the car and they were able to drag the victim out from under the car. These actions likely saved the man's life. He was eventually taken to a trauma center and treated for significant injuries.